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‘Photo editing’ is a broad term that involves making improvements to change the look of an image. Photo editing techniques are done manually, while others are done through automated software. With our course, you will learn the best skills with the best software.

Photography Editing

About this Course

This course teaches you how to edit and improve images in Photoshop using smart and efficient methods to make your work reach your expectations.

You will be learning skills, digital artists, retoucher’s and photographers use to make their photos pop, look distinctive and get recognition to stand out from the people. You will learn, cropping and resizing an image non-destructively, color correcting, adjusting Black and White levels, Intensifying and adding Sound.

What will you achieve?

You will master editing photos in Photoshop using different tools, efficiently use Photoshop CC, retouch on Skin and Hair in images, remove spots and blemishes of images, and color correct images.

You will have acquired a foundation routine for Editing images as well as Lightroom CC.

Who this course is for?

  • Learn a range of practical methods.

  • Everything from framing the problem, to doing user rePhotographers

  • Freshers/ students interested in Photoshop

  • Design Students

  • Digital Artists

  • Graphic Designers

  • Anyone with a desire to learn and progress in an optimistic

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